Highway Contract route?


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Some of you may remember that I was an RCA for a little over 2 years before finally getting sick of working 6 days a week (putting my family last) and quitting back in February. One of my former coworkers told me today that a guy who owns 4 highway contract routes in my office is looking for help.

I realize if I did it, there would be no benefits, and I would have to save money out of my checks to pay my taxes directly, as there would be no withholdings.

I did really enjoy being a carrier (once I got out of the office), but typically did better with CBU deliveries than mounted.

Am I crazy to be considering this?


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wamailmom -- [ considering returning to the USPS as a contract carrier ]

-- No insurance ( life or health ). Responsible for keeping a vehicle or two running. If ill, probably responsible for getting someone to cover. Still going to have to work in the office for part of the day. Probably no EMA or equivalent compensation. Working 6 days a week.

-- Consider coming back as an ARC?


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He has a few others working for him, so apparently it could be part time. If I came back as an ARC, I would be working Sundays and hell hours from November to January....