I am getting a PO vehicle


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they tried to get me a metris. but i work in a one route rural rmpo. no one will come out to service the thing. If they move me to head office, i get upped to a 47k from 43k. So it will cost them double. oh well.


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It would be nice at our office to get at least one Van so that during X-mas an RCA's could be schedule for a full days work delivering packages! 8 hours of delivering packages from one of those would be more than enough assistance to cover 4 to 5 routes per Van, per day.
Yes, our Auxy has one, and they can run parcels after they're done with the short Auxy Rt.... works well for that... :unsure: 🤷‍♂️ (y)


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From image posted.

Take a look at Blue N/A Load time image. New rides are Top Load. It's cost effective to drop your daily pallet load of parcels this way into your Provided ride.

Lol... 59 hard stops and 58 hard accelerations... must be sitting at stop #59.... :unsure: 🤷‍♂️ :oops::ROFLMAO:


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That "what's new" message that shows up on scanner screen is real. It tells you that these great new "how am I doing" things will be accessible. Just doesn't say when. Or how at this point on rural scanners, at least on ours. Have seen others say escape, then "O". Not an option for ours...yet. Must not be fully released to all just yet.


dustydave -- "So that's what they told me when I tried to get a incentive. No dice your route will be getting a vehicle. I have a 90 mile route probably 70 percent gravel in a climate of ice and snow in the winter. Most days a fancy new metris will be fine. But a dozen or so it may not make it. I won't be breaking out my jeep for those days! "

-- Be sure to make the point to manglement that since you are getting a postal-provided vehicle, you WILL be selling you Jeep as soon the the Metris shows up. Well, you don't really have to sell it, but manglement doesn't have to know! Manglement better have a replacement vehicle handy when the Metris experiences difficulties out on your route.

-- Hopefully you have read the postings regarding "O" Time that accumulates when a postal-provided vehicle breaks down.

-- Just exactly how long ago did manglement inform you that a Metris would be placed on your route?

-- With the negative comments about the Metris in winter and gravelly roads, looks as if your members of manglement don't follow this web site.

-- Let us know how the Metris performs on your route.
i have a metris on my 43 mile route when they come get it to service they bring you a piece of junk llv to drive
i would not drive it it was a death trap,drove my pov for 2 weeks thats how long they kept it just to change oli and tires.
really,,,,,, i do not find the visibilty bad at all as long as your mirrors are set right i can see everything.
Meh, I guess I'm just spoiled by my Toyota Estima which is like an aquarium with zero blind spots. Personally I couldn't stand the Metris for anything except low stop apartment routes when I was a sub. The cage, the slippery floor, the crappy tires, etc. I'd rather keep my POV.