I am so proud of this community


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Just wanted to say that since we have moved to this new forum all of you have really improved the overall tone of this forum. As I scan through the posts, I see good informative conversations happening instead of fighting and bickering.

Bravo you guys. I am happy I decided to keep going with it. Keep up the good work..

Also, if anyone does have a problem, please contact the admins. We want to keep this forum moving forward and we want it to be helpful for rural carriers across the country.

Thank you


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I often wonder how widely this site (and GREAT resource) is used by carriers across the country... I see a hundred or so on the site at a time, sometimes up to a few hundred, and then we have thousands of members... and then surely there are peeps that browse here that are not members...

I'm sure it has helped a GREAT number of rural carriers over the years, and continues to do so...

Tip of my hat to the Postal Texan... our craft owes you a lot... Thank you!!! (y)