I Bet You All Forgot About This One


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Sometime, probably over a year ago now, the NRLCA lost a Step 4 Grievance about the USPS insistence that they CAN FORCE RCA's to fill in at other offices not linked to there office or RMPO etc.

I never heard if this went to Arbitration or if the NRLCA just gave up.

My fear is this will be negotiated in to the new contract offer.

When OBAMA CARE was to be voted on Nancy Pelosi famously said "We have to vote on the bill to find out what is in it"

Like wise we had to vote on the last contract and then wait to find out what was in it, since admittedly it was not completely written prior to submitting it to the membership for a vote.

RCA's reading this be VERY CAREFUL about voting for a contract that is not completely written, you may get a little surprise like this later.

Also Regulars who still have RCA's in your office be VERY CAREFUL about voting for a contract not completely written, you may get a surprise to...

How many RCA's will quit if forced to travel up to 50 miles to fill in on a route, in an office they don't know.

And one more for the Regulars, remember that MOU that let you Volunteer to Work Sunday, During The Christmas Period, and then Regulars were forced to work
Sundays ?

Just a few words deleted from our contract could make Regulars fair game for Sunday Amazon all year long.

Be Very Careful


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Does anyone remember what was written into the contract... after the vote on the last contract?

Well for starters Auxiliary route carriers opting for the 6 day Auxiliary Option had the language changed so they could be utilized on any route after completing their auxiliary route.

Of course the USPS immediately did 2 things:

Enforced the order making the Auxiliary carriers help on other routes


IGNORED the the language that said "after completing their Auxiliary Route"

Many have posted here they were pulled off the Auxiliary route to run a full route so a newbie could do the Auxiliary route, or for any reason manglement deemed appropriate.

The USPS started ignoring half the new agreed apon language before the ink was dry.

That was a great piece of negotiating wouldn't you say?
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