I wish I could get a Special count


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This whole Amazon-after-mailcount thing has really bugged me, the unfairness angle. Plus it seems there is no form of redress. Just seems wrong, but because of the whole union thing, there is a feeling like they would handle it if it were that messed up.

Still, at times I wonder if a call the the NLRB (Nat Labor Relations Board) could spark any investigation into this. Some "unfair labor practice" or "you screwed your folks" case?
We have a class action going to get our Amazon counted in our office. Rumors say many offices have also and maybe one is at step 4.
My gut is the deal with Amazon is it is sealed with a secret hand shake and all the grievances in the world cannot force the hand until contract allows a count...or wrecks...
Then the onslaught will dry up because Azon will be delivering them!?


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csparks et al -- "Still, at times I wonder if a call the the NLRB (Nat Labor Relations Board) could spark any investigation into this [ getting Amazon after a count ]. Some "unfair labor practice".."

-- Probably the NLRB would just point to MOU #1: "It is the understanding of the parties that a national mail count may be initiated where rural delivery has been impacted on a national level. Examples of such change would be a reduction of delivery days, a substantial change in mail volume, etc."

-- And say something like: "Since no national count has been initiated, must be the Amazon parcel deliveries have not resulted in a "substantial" change in mail volume on a national level."

-- The NLRB could also point to the contract's Article 9.2C.11 - Special Counts.

-- And say something like: "Apparently the NRLCA does not feel that there has been "circumstances that have negated the validity of the latest count and evaluation" nor felt that there has been "a substantial service change" to warrant a Special Count." ( yes, I know -- "cherry picking" )

-- In the case of "Travelingmailman's" office and their class action suit, probably it will be moot by the time any action is taken because Amazon is delivering more of their parcels. Even offering $10K and 3 months salary to its workers to start their own delivery service to handle Amazon parcels. Plus FedEx expects to start delivering 7 days a week at the start of 2020.

-- On the plus side -- by the time the NGDV's hit the streets, carriers will have delivery vehicles with shelves and plenty of room for extra items to beat the heat and cold.