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Interesting Situation

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Well here is our situation for next week after Thanksgiving.

We have 2 regulars taking off after thanksgiving. 1 regular is K route and the other is J route. Both took off Friday, but only 1 put in for Saturday (J route put in for Saturday since it isn't his scheduled Saturday. The other carrier, who is on a K route, is claiming that since he took Friday off he is entitled to Saturday as well (says it is in the contract). Also no one signed the OT list so they can't pull others off. Just a huge cluster. Only have 3 subs including me between 5 routes and 1 aux (which I am currently on).

Anyone shine some light on this? It doesn't effect me besides I will be working 2 routes on that Saturday no matter what. My Aux and one of them which is over 12 hours evaluated hours.
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Leave in conjunction with a relief day should protect the relief day, but I suggest that they always request their relief day because they won’t get charged for it, but it creates an explicit record of unavailability.

there is no “OT” list, but there is a relief day work list. Simply because no one signed it doesn’t mean they can’t require carriers to work their relief day (if not protected by leave). The Saturday routes that didn’t take leave or take it in conjunction would be available to work, if subs are already committed to other routes or have approved time off.
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