Is RRECS real?


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Havenowgone et al -- " I have some faith that the RRECS will result in a fairer way to pay rurals. An independent time study group did the study to get the right times for the things we do. Most rurals should be able to meet or beat the new standards, so I don't think that most of the rurals will lose with this new system....unless you are one that beats their eval by hours each day and week. Then I would worry about the new system. "

-- The thing I'd be worrying about the new system is it depends so much on scanner input, averaging the data collected throughout the year.

-- During a Q & A session:

Q - When you split a route how will that data be credited?
A - Going to depend on how the RCA's scanned. That data would be DROPPED for the day. ( Dwyer )

-- Apparently the USPS and NRLCA is going with quality over quantity.

Q - Why does this not include the 4 weeks around Christmas?
A - I think that the main thought on that and if you base the route on a high volume from just the Christmas season, it is not a true average of the year. ( Mericle )

-- And a 2-weak count during the middle of March is?
-- A true average of the year should include ALL 52 weeks - IMHO.
-- If the system is going to ignore the 4 weeks around Christmas, why is the supposed OT period only 3 weeks and the ARC "peak" period is from 19 NOV 18 to 12 JAN 19?

-- Will the USPS be guaranteeing that scanners will never drop contact as well as batteries never dying while out on the route?

-- Just some ramblings from an outsider.
I think the standards will be realistic. The scanner will not be perfect but will be adequate. New functions for loading etc will be added. My fear is the coverage factor that will be incorporated. Like other aspects of the new system, there is no clear definition or explanation of the concept or how it will be determined. It will dock time for boxes that do not get served. Low volume and padded box count routes are going to take a hit.


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H.N.G... I think we're saying the same things... yes, they (the study peeps) tried to make it more fair... but, by the time it ever gets implemented the USPS will have twisted and bastardized it to the point that carriers will lose...

We've already read on here of plans now to contract out pickups from businesses, because they don't wanna pay carriers to do it... they'll look at where we gained, and offset it by some sort of means... and the "let the good times roll" NRLCA party-goers will roll right along with them, as they always do...

Maybe it's easier having faith in something after you hit the exit door, but for me, I'm where you were 6 months ago... and all I'm seeing is SSDD... :cry:
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And... we all know how great the NRLCA is at negotiating... someone posted a while back that they feared the NRLCA would negotiate and MOU away everything and MORE that we might have gained with the study...

If it can be effed up... the NRLCA can eff it up... :rolleyes:
If we are not accounting for Christmas season, why not bother to factor in Tax refund season too? This too is a spike in our volume compared to the Holiday push, but it lasts 3-4 weeks every early spring.
btdtret, I entered data for almost 4 years before I retired and felt confident that I did everything as I was asked to do it and as long as everyone follows instructions, their routes should get the right information. I was happy to hear that the Christmas season would not be figured in because if it was, we wouldn't get any help or extra pay during the holiday season and that would be disastrous. DB, I had faith in the new system long before I retired and I am unhappy that I couldn't survive long enough to work under it. I had run an extremely under-evaluated route for years and was looking to close out my career under the new system. The one thing that worried me is with all of the collected information, guess who will be keeping track of all that stuff...the USPS, who has a history of manipulating things. That could just be another case of the fox guarding the hen-house.


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They always have, and in my opinion, always will figure out a way to outsmart, out maneuver, and out negotiate the NRLCA... this new wrecked pay system (RRECS) will be just another in the LONG line of screw jobs imposed upon rural carriers... jmho... :cry: