It's a Covid-little Christmas


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(Think, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," by Judy Garland in the movie, Meet Me in St Louis.)


Have yourself a COVID-little Christmas,
It's the postal way!
From now on the work load will outstrip your pay.

Springtime days, where we made up some lost time,
seem to be no more.
Ruined backs, and second trips rip up the score!

Through the slog, we'll all work parcels
that exceed "eval," once more,
While callous bosses watch us struggling,
Ronnie Stutts, the same thing, that boar!

You thank fate if you don't get sent back out,
to help some other plebe.
Who'll fix our plight when we're not ever hourly?

So, if it helps, you have all of my sympathy.
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Always wonder what it would be like to have Christmas in the Summertime just like Australia. I was slightly jealous that down under could do Christmas during warm and long sunny days.


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Done at 515 today. Started at 7...another 10 hr day. Nobody running out of cash around here. 157 to the door, 263 total. 2 trips llv. Another DACA 5 this week. I'm really tired of Xmas in the summer. I dont live in Argentina. On top of that, ups will start charging a premium after May 31. Think the large e commerce shippers might try and avoid that by sending more to the always obliging USPS..? Getting to Gotropes frame of mind. Not giving a s#$t. Btw. Counted @ 57 scans.