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Is it possible that Supervisors A & B would do the Investigative Interview and yet Supervisor C would write the Letter of Warning?
Supervisor C said in his letter about employee's unacceptable conduct and non-mitigating responses/reasons.
The employee was respectful in her written responses; makes one wonder how Supervisor C know about what he wrote on the L.O.W.

Are there rules governing such?
Thank you so much again and again !


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Article 16 of the contract governs discipline. I don't think there is anything that would prohibit a different supervisor from issuing a LOW and certainly any information from a pre-disciplinary investigation can be shared with anyone other supervisor/manager--there is no confidentiality between the employee and management, if that's what you're asking. As a union rep, I always request a copy of the notes management takes during a PDI.

I don't think I've ever been involved in a situation where one supervisor performs the investigation and another issues the LOW--regardless, I would contact my ADR/DR and grieve the LOW.

Once discipline progresses to suspensions, then there are multiple supervisors who must be involved.


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Only 1 supervisor should be doing the I. I. (PDI) & issuing the discipline. A higher level mgmt can Review & Concur on issued discipline lower than a suspension but they don’t issue it themselves. This LOW needs to be thrown out so FILE that grievance.
Higher mgmt cannot instruct the PDI supervisor on what discipline to issue. The supervisor MUST come to his/her own conclusion from the Interview & evidence. Another supervisor can sit in & observe a PDI but not ask questions or instruct the other. They can’t be ganging up on a Carrier. I hope there was a Steward present at the PDI.


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Any manager whom issues discipline is required to review the facts and make a business judgement on whether discipline is necessary. The only reason a second mgr would issue the discipline is if the first mgr became unavailable. And then the second mgr is required to start the process from a personal review of the case prior to determining if discipline is necessary.