Late trucks... and how to try to avoid getting your butt in a sling if you are a plant manager....oig audit 20-223-R20


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Well boys and girls I have been negligent in posting oig idiot reports to you...
But this one is just so blatantly obvious and so blatantly missed by OIG that it takes the cake.
The pius, holier than thou title of the report is "Management of Contractor Failures at Greensboro NC Processing and Distribution Center.......
Translation:... Some computer spit out an anomaly. It seems poor little Greensboro, somewhere back in the middle of North Carolina, made the big time... They hit the top ten and crawled all the way to #3 on the list of plants who had late originating trips.....Whoa there buckos... To you in the trenches... they don't get product to you on time so badly that they ranked #3 in the US of A...
So what did they use as an excuse most often?...Contractor failure... That means the contractor did not have trucks ready to take product to you.... Really?....When is the last time you heard that excuse for a late truck?..Like...Never...
So...Somebody called out the report. It is obvious to anyone that late trucks were coded as contractor failures to cover plant problems...
And....Again.....OIG missed the boat.... usps pays these clown big bucks to find problems and solve them... They would do an audit on a truck with a flat tire and decide the three other tires were ok and they did not understand the problem.


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No, what will get looked at is the failed departure product scans by plant mgmt. As trucks arrive at destinations, they should offload mail and then onboard retrieval mail to cycle back to the plant. So a 50% efficient trip.
You know those cranky telecoms the plant mgrs always ran? Where they blamed delivery units for every problem in the universe? Guess who is on the other end of that fun, demoralizing, you screwed up, national telecom now?????

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last year we had a truck not start pull it out put it on another half way to us accident pull it out put it on another 3rd truck out of fuel 4th truck made it to us at noon 1 hour 35 minutes to plant the first truck should have been on the dock at 6:30 am.

I would hope that delivery company's contract was not renewed!