Leave and Christmas OT period


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This year Christmas falls on a Friday. Likely you want - at the least - Thursday, Saturday. and Monday. With a repeat the following weekend ! If your sub is any good they've been running ten hour days since Turkey week - including Sunday. Amazon Sunday is a ghost day to most Regs ! Using the family minivan (I happen to be a POV operator in a seven route office - one loose sub currently). Running for you your normal J or K. Dropping into your truck seat mid afternoon - so the PM keeps you at eval or you can go to your kids school activity....Likely your office is also sub short. Mostly I am happy for the work. Nothing stuns a customer more than dropping a parcel at 6 AM or 7 PM Christmas Eve. Good for a coffee or hot coco refill and cookies ! Usually spend three quarters of Christmas Day in bed (five years now) !
NOTHING irks me more than the Reg who thinks it is still 1970 ! Every route has a sub, and the sub is for their sole use ! Such is no more ! 'Twere up to me subs should have two weeks PAID time off after Christmas ! As it is if you, the Reg, want the AL it is a $C note per day from you to me !! - I suppose this is a rant !!