Mail Delivery Issues......shocking results......NOT


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Does the PO ever plan more than 5 minutes ahead of time ? It seems the way mgt has been trained (not trained) is to usually not plan, everything seems to be at the last minute.

The nasty clown who runs our place gives the carriers (small po) the option to leave bulk mail (which I appreciate), however, I normally take all the mail, who the hell knows what disaster will happen the next day ??

What could go wrong, truck is 3 hours late, truck breaks down, plant has whatever problem of the night/day, etc...

Will the PO ever be a smooth running operation, not likely.


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@RDruckus, morning coffee drinker? What brand please!!
I drink a huge cup every morning.
(Coffee and tea are super foods.)
Usually buy Dunkin Donuts brand, it's one of the healthiest you can find in the grocery stores in my area.
(This info from an old article in Bottom Line Health.)

Here's the fun part.
I start with 2Tbs organic grass-fed bone broth powder.
(Healthy for 15% discount use promo code SAVE2019)
I shake in organic pumpkin spice.(Even Wal-Mart has it. All 5 spices are anti-inflammatory.)
Redman's sea salt (helps with IF)
Cocoa powder, organic if I have it, and if I want it. (Another super food.)

I add hot coffee to the mix. Stir it.

Top off the second half of the huge mug with (grass fed) heavy whipping cream.
(If you want to gain weight, use skim milk instead. See KenDBerryMD on YouTube.)
Add real vanilla or almond extract to taste.
Sometimes add local honey or raw sugar, but only after first sip, to see if I want it.

I know this is an extreme cup of coffee.
At times, I'm unable to eat anything else, even if I've just finished a 22 hour fast.

It's my personal belief that if you crave a food, it's for a reason, with the exception of carbs.

I have researched all my favorites foods, spices and beverages, and discovered they all give me something I require.
Found myself inhaling deeply as route customers were cooking curry for dinner. I looked it up and every spice in it is anti-inflammatory!
As a matter of fact, although I don't usually eat much meat, I will be having a large portion of (preferably grass fed) beef by the end of the day today, because I'm craving it.

The converse is also true. If you hate a food, don't eat it!
(Also my personal belief. I have only anecdotal evidence. 😀)

When I get to work I usually have a hot cup of oolong tea. It speeds up your brainwaves, and is a very healthy green tea.

When I'm the recipient of a Starbucks gift card, I'll take it to grocery stores with Starbucks on the premises. I pick a blonde blend and have them grind it for me. (Over-roasting destroys some nutritional benefits.)

I keep my coffee in the fridge.



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Why is district allowed to spew directives with impunity, without any regard to the craft contracts.
It shows disrespect and disdain for craft, and a flagrant disregard for costs involved in the grievance process.


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And because of all Managements failures, they expect us carriers to take care of everybody else's shortcomings in this chain to keep everything looking good for them, to save their asses! Carriers catch hell while management gets all the rewards and glory! It's a bitch being the last link in the chain or no one to pass the BUCK on to!