NRLCA: Important Update Concerning the National Auxiliary


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The NRLCA National Board has made every effort to determine whether the Auxiliary and Juniors will hold their conventions in conjunction with our National Convention. As no definite determination has been communicated, the NRLCA National Board can not coordinate any...

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Yup, all that party money, errrr we mean dues , needs to be used , ( or was used ) elsewhere on stuff. ( Maybe Jeannie in a bottles big retirement party,) we don’t remember, doesn’t matter. Money’s not there.


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I don’t assume anything with the sorry excuse for a union. I’m simply expressing my take on what I read.


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For those not aware, the Union and the auxillary have been separate for years at the urging of the IRS and NLRB. If the auxillary is not hosting meetings at this time, it is because they are not a viable entity at this time.


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Ibpd16 -- Congratulations.

-- You might need that extra $9 to help pay for probable gas price increases due to what ever damage BARRY does to oil platforms in the Gulf and refineries along the Gulf Coast.


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I am officially out of the union. Its only $9 a check but i'm glad i'm no longer contributing to their party fund
They're stealing almost $30 clams every 2 weeks from me... certainly not *earning* it... 30 x 26 = $780... just sayin'... :oops: