OIG Fiscal Year 2017 Decision Analysis Report Summary......So why should we be worried about it?


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Every year OIG has to look at USPS spending...They have to do an analysis to see if the bozos are not coming up with hairbrained schemes to waste $$$...

Yup...They burned a couple of butts

BUT SOMETIMES you find something which makes you wonder what's coming down the pike to screw us more.

Case in point.

"Informed Visibility Business Case Modification 2."

Buried in it is  """Rural measurement is a relatively new requirement that it not fully known at this point and could become much more costly than projected"""

Ya Think some more bulldingees are coming our way???

Ya Think our union poobahs not only don't know about this but wouldn't understand it anyway?

How soon before they tell us to bend over and enjoy the ride?


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In a nutshell = oh crap, we want this to not cost us anything, and if it turns out we end up having to pay the rurals for it, then maybe we don’t want to do it now.  We only want what we can steal, or get for free.  


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And “cost more than projected”.  Please USPS, do tell, what WAS your projected cost estimate for rurals doing this work for you?  Would love to see that figure.  Hell will freeze over before you disclose that.  Just like the secretly shrouded amazon contract.