Operational window change savings audit......NO-AR-19-001


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Operational window change means where they closed plants, changed plant operation hours and slowed down all the times items need to be delivered.
Supposed to save 1. 61 billion......oig could only find 323.48 million in savings...
OIG basically said you guys screwed up, don't even know you screwed up and have no proof that you didn't.
management response is that times are changing and we can't prove or disprove anything....Translation...it's all out of control but we are doing our best...
For us peons management did note that transportation costs have gone thru the roof because of all the parcels which take up so much room...Duh..
You'd just hope that our union would take proof of figures from this and other reports and demand we get paid more... At least when the union agerees to a MOU which benefits usps we should get some sugar for us in the deal...Hell no...Damn union just isn't that smart....