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I was moved to a route where the carrier didn't participate in the count for many years, and its pretty clear I am at least 30 minutes and a load of packages shy on the evaluation. Since there isn't going to be a count, is there a way I can get an evaluation. I'm getting screwed.


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Hilltowncarrier -- "I was moved to a route where the carrier didn't participate in the count for many years, and its pretty clear I am at least 30 minutes and a load of packages shy on the evaluation."

-- Guessing that you are an RCA, as regular carriers don't get "moved" to another route without bidding.

-- Consider yourself fortunate if the route is "only" 30 minutes under evaluated.

-- Is the regular carrier still on the route?

-- Or are you filling in on a vacant route? If so, consider it YOUR route and take appropriate action.

-- You basically have two choices:

a. let the route stay as it is, or

b. get the route up to snuff ( probably for the next regular carrier ).

-- Guessing that if the regular has not been counted in a number of years, the Edit Book is somewhat behind the times. So it will be on you to see that it is corrected. If you can document new additional deliveries, you could help the route increase its evaluation ( and put more $ in your pocket as a reward ).

-- For starters, search for "edit book" in RI's KNOWLEDGEBASE Section.

-- As far as the additional 6 daily scans and scans for parcels, etc, you'll have to put up with it ( do it for free ) until the next count.

-- Other items you may have to tackle: the 4003 - turn by turn directions for the route as well as the route map. ( the 4003 is connected with the route's pay )

-- Those items along with others should be in a binder ( the Route Book ) in the case. Page 41 of the PO-603 lists the contents of the Route Book.

-- Good luck.


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Yes, i was an RCA with an aux route and subbing. Covered the regular route and my own while the carrier was on 9 months of medical leave. He didn't come back so was to become regular on the route I was sub for for 5 years and covered for 9 mo , but the day before bids closed got bumped by a carrier who wanted a bigger route. I therefore became regular but got her route, which as you say is now mine. I'm cleaning up the route book. It's a wreck. So im getting it up to snuff for myself. If I do will anything change without a count?


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You will need to verify all of your stops, boxes and or CBU’s. Any vacant? Not vacant? Any new builds will show up in AMS. Check your mileage too. Drive all the way to end of each street you deliver to get correct mileage. Check all of your dismounts and measured feet. If any of it is off, ask for your route to be ridden by a supervisor / PM.


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Hilltowncarrier -- Belated congratulations on making regular, although not on the route you wanted ( or deserved! )

-- Another example of how "substantially better qualified" loses out to seniority.

-- Guessing, like generalizations, are generally inaccurate. Sorry I pegged you as an RCA.

-- Now that the route is yours, you have even more reasons to get it as accurate as possible, preferably in the shortest time so that you will get the most for the route's evaluation -- at least until whenever the next count will be held.

-- "Boton65" noted several things you should be checking to ensure your route is accurate as possible.

-- If manglement drags its feet in updating any input from you, especially involving the 4003, make sure the paper work is round-dated ( even though "DB" pointed out in another thread, it is so out-dated, but still good for documentation. )

"will anything change without a count? "

-- What did the previous carrier use on the route? POV or LLV? In either case, use your vehicle to check the route's mileage. Different POV's and LLV's can have different mileage readings. Remeasurement of a route's mileage is done basically down the middle of the road lane without servicing the mail boxes, so mileage could be off somewhat. Those "excursions" of up to 1/2 miles off the line of travel don't count!

-- If more than a mile as measured by your vehicle, ask for a remeasurement.

- Step 4 ( R-144 ) which is just Chapter 6 of the M-38. Section 612 -- Remeasurements. Existing rural routes will be remeasured when: 612.d. It is requested by the rural carrier.

- Article 30.1.E Route Remeasurement -- Rural routes shall be remeasured UPON REQUEST of the rural carrier or when the Employer determines it necessary. The rural carrier assigned to the route has the right to be present in a NON-DUTY status at the remeasurement ( not mentioned, but preferably in the vehicle for the route. For an LLV, that will require a jump-seat )

-- Getting the Edit Book up to date with new or previously vacant addresses and or getting the mileage correct, might be enough to generate an evaluation increase.

-- If there is/are new or existing CBU's on the route, check for active slots as well as any dismount distance(s).


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Ask for a copy of the last mail count document ( 4241). Check if your DPS quantity has fallen since last tested. Most districts try their hardest to achieve at least 92% during a mail count. After count it's more of a " whatever" attitude. My district was at 94% last count, after count the random percentage increased. My route just failed another review at 80%.

If your percentages have fallen, request a DPS quantity review. It will recalculate your DPS volume to sector segment value. If you have a govt vehicle, it can increase your rt quite a bit. There is a DPS review calculator on the ruralinfo site.

Make sure you write any requests for action( rt remeasurement, DPS review, 4003) on your 4240 as that is an official document and they can't say they were never notified if it is written in the comments as a reminder. Stewards love people who document on the 4240- so much easier to prove a case.


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Well, if they are a Working steward that can't be good. If like me they were gone( for mega time) that's on whomever carries the route. When I returned to my route I picked up two handtrucks of dead, utf up to 12 year old mail out of boxes. Seriously, what do they teach people anymore? If you become proficient at rt mgmt or figuring things out...consider becoming an academy instructor or a better steward. Your struggles and experiences can help others.


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As someone pointed out earlier, get your route re-measured, recent step 4 states the regular carrier or someone knowdegeable on the route should go with the person measuring. Also, make sure whatever vehicle they use is accurate.
Another thing (I think) according to M-38 or PO-603 is that routes are supposed to be inspected yearly, this will include counting your stops, your parcel lockers, mail collection slots, footages, mileage, etc.
Every little bit adds up.


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Thanks for all the help with this. This us what I've learned so far. I get six feet of DPS each day. My route has 49 more boxes than from last assessment when there were 405 boxes. Im rated at 47 packages per day but I've run averages for two months and deliver on average 75 . I'm measuring this weekend and supv is riding next week. Is there an evaluation calculator posted anywhere?


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Hilltowncarrier --" Is there an evaluation calculator posted anywhere?"

-- There used to be "count" calculators here at RI - thanks to "Frozen Toes", but with RRECS looming somewhere over the horizon, does not seem to be any reference in the KNOWLEDGEBASE section.

-- Maybe "Frozen Toes" can provide a link to one of his creations.

-- What and how many days will you be measuring?

-- Worst case scenario: record all the data manually on the PS 4241 ( Rural Delivery Statistics Report ) and entering the totals on the PS 4241-M ( Rural Route Evaluation Worksheet ) and doing the math by hand or computer/calculator.