Ratification meeting report by Ruralinfo.net


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RI et al -- Thanx to you and the donar of the notes for passing the info along to the folks in the trenches.

-- Views and observations - from the outside:

-- RCA's can only be sent to other offices for FULL assignments.

- Did the NRLCA get that in writing?

-- Back pay to be sent to retiree's last post office.

- Certainly hope some retirees didn't express their real opinion(s) through words or hand gestures as they exited the building!

-- USPS wants to eliminate the RDWL.

- Did the USPS offer an alternative?
- Did the NRLCA ask how the RCA / ARC hiring process was going?

-- USPS crying "broke" - again - right out of the playbook at every contract negotiation and arbitration.

- Anyone ask how the USPS plans to pay the extimated $6 BILLION for the NGDV's. Or is the USPS planning not to go forward with the NGDV?
- And the same for the next generation of scanners?

-- We have to be vigilant in doing everything the route way on our routes.

- How is that possible when the whims of the USPS change - seemingly daily?
- New scanner options are not explained nor mentioned.

-- We will be getting paid for what we actually do every day ONCE THE RRECS goes into effect.

- IMHO - had the NRLCA demanded to go hourly years ago, the rural carriers would have been paid for what they do on a daily basis -- FOR YEARS.
- Goes into effect? Is that before or after the year's worth of data is collected.

-- Stream or use Live Conferencing for Ratification Meetings?

- Good luck with that. Members could be waiting for hours to ask a question -- if there was a Q&A.
- The sweating observed on the national officers could be blamed on the studio lights and not for not having the answers.
- Doubt if the leadership would be willing to go to a national convention every two years ( like other unions who will remain unnamed ), there by saving a MILLION+ dollars in convention costs.

-- National officer considers this a "good" contract.

- Since the 2006 contract was considered an "excellent" contract and was voted down, does not bode well for the "good" 2018 contract.
- Egocentric carriers - unite!