Relief Day Work List Sign Up Period: September 21 – October 4, 2019


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Article 8.5.A of our Contract states: “The relief day work list at each delivery unit shall be established twice during each guarantee period. The relief day work list will be posted for a two-week period. Each time the new relief...

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This is also the same timeframe for RCAs to sign “yes or no” fo Sunday Amazon if your office is a Hub or Spoke.


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Like that even matters if you say yes or no.
If Sundays aren’t being scheduled properly, that’s a grievance.
It took a while to get it straight here cause the District mgmt in all offices to just work together & figure a happy medium. This was a Contract violation & some offices worked every Sunday while the Hub managed their peeps by Seniority. The Hub is the “boss” & the Spokes must comply & follow the rules.