Requesting a sub


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Sorry, but I have tried search bar and I know this topic has been covered numerous times, I have come to the conclusion that I want to be at the PO as little as possible, sometimes overtime is not worth the headaches So I have decided to put in for a request for a sub. Could someone please explain the steps for the request for sub-120-day thing. I have never done this because I enjoyed the overtime, but with the station becoming more like a dictatorship, I would just rather enjoy my day off, I know it's hard to get a sub if anything comes from it may be a sub will have an opportunity to become PTF from it. Thanks


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gerl2 -- [ requesting a sub to enjoy relief day ]

-- other actions to be taken:

- If on the Relief Day Work List, take your name off of it.

- Let an answering machine be your "call screener", or just don't answer the phone when you are off.


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As a side note: make it clear to your steward you don't work your day off.

Mine recently told my PM that sub unavailability is an emergency and my PM can call me in. I said, are you fkin kidding me? Even tho i checked the no call box, you said that? What a POS representative.