Retail and customer service in philly area. MS-AR-17-010 OIG AGAIN sees problems but does NOTHING


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OIG chose to do this audit because Philly was one of the "most inefficient districts in the country during 2016". 

Good thinking OIG.

OIG looked at 5 key indicators. 1. Retail Customer Experience (the old mystery shopper thing). 2. Distribution and PO Box up time reports. 3. IOP's and MAPS. 4. scanning performance goals. 5. CSV model which assesses retail service productivity.

This all sounds good until gets facts and throws them away. OIG is supposed to connect the dots and help USPS become better.

OIG found that 6 units out of 10 did not meet the target time for mail to carriers during their visit.AND all 10 out of 10 didn't get mail to carriers in time and 2 never did. OIG saw long customer lines, pars stuff not worked, POBox mail up late...

And OIG then says why all this mayhem is occurring.

#1  just like in every OIG audit before...outdated IOP's and MAP's ...Duh...Quoting OIG;"We will not make a recommendation on IOP?MAP inconsistencies".Why the hell not? It is at the heart of the mess in Philly.

#2 Inefficient mail processing procedures. Clerks handling mail too often. Moving from one container to another before sorting to routes.  Somebody ought to make OIG people reach down into big containers for each little package..Smart clerks save their backs and are faster when they reach in once and grab bucketfulls out so they can sort faster.

#3 Mail arrival and preparation....6 out of 10 units received mail from the P&DC that was late or required work because it was not prepared in accordance with IOP and MAP.     Duh...No kidding.

My conclusion: This is the most useless audit by OIG I have ever read.   Everything is there in front of them. They report it.....But, damning to OIG, they cannot come up with the correct conclusion.

Philly may be the worst in efficiency. And here's why.  Stuff doesn't get to them on time. Clerks now have to do everything at once. Consequently, nothing is done on time and well. OIG fried management but management tried to fight back.

Still......OIG had it all in this audit and simply pissed it all away.  I guess OIG knows and can't say this.   USPS sliced so much that it is now impossible for plants to perform at the minimum level to support post offices and customers properly. to me....There are distribution up time reports...When management tries to force our start time to be later and we file grievances....These reports along with copies of IOP and MAP should be included in the original grievance as justification that management faults should not impact us.


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Didn't know they had to do up time reports, I'm sure they are falsified at my office if they are required.

I should know but...

What do IOP's and MAPS stand for?


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<blockquote class="spPostEmbedQuote"><strong>hunchback said </strong>
Didn't know they had to do up time reports, I'm sure they are falsified at my office if they are required.

I should know but...

What do IOP's and MAPS stand for?  </blockquote>
Great questions that we all should know the answers to.

IOP Integrated Operating Plan:  The written agreement between plants and post offices as to how the deliveries of product (mail) gets to post offices.

MAP:  "Map documents the specific requirements of the IOP between the plants and the delivery units. The plan includes truck arrival times, as well as what mail, by type and quantity, will arrive on each trip in order for the unit to be successful"  quote from IOG audit on City Carriers returning after 6  DR-AR-17-007.

And every OIG audit about any operations anywhere in the US say the same damning thing.....Management doesn't have, can't find or doesn't follow these rules....And you wonder why we get crapped on time and time again?

I post these OIG audits as learning tools for ourselves....Sooner or later there will be a grievance which quotes these reports and management will have a hard time defending itself.  Thanks for reports aren't falsified?  Local management can take the abuse for just so long until they give up and give upper management what it wants to hear but not what is really going on.