RRECS: Walking Time


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Before looking at parcels, we have to look at walking time.

The RRECS standard for walking is 0.00429 min/ft. This works out to 2.65 mph.

Walking time is linear: walking 50 ft, doing something, then walking 50 ft more has the same time value as walking 100 ft. Whereas driving 50 ft, stopping, driving 50 ft. more is a different allotted time than driving 100 ft continuous.

So we can just add up all of our walking distances and convert it to time.

However, I don't carry a tape measure with me on the route. I prefer to count number of steps instead. I am of exceptionally average height (5'10), so my stride comes out about 2.5 ft / step. This works out to roughly 1 minute for 100 steps taken. You can adjust these numbers (see attached spreadsheet) if you are rather short or rather tall, but 100 steps per minute is a good approximation and will get us pretty close.


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