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So this came across my news feed. While I agree with the premise. I can’t help but think of what most unions fail to understand about individuals within their craft and why they are not members or not involved even if they are members.

To me there is a beauty in choice. The decision to be a part of or involved with an individual’s union.

Should you be a part of your craft’s union?
Yes, but it’s a bit more complex than some would give credit to. Many who chose a union job look at the system. They look at the leadership and either feel they are disconnected, and don’t represent the best interest for their future.

Now that perspective might be misguided. But in the case of the NRLCA, we as members are left desiring more. Whether that be a better example of leadership or a more involved manner of communication and timely honest updates to the status of the craft on the National Level.

The continuing failure of any national level union board to see these issues and confront them head on for the best interest of their craft and work toward bringing their craft together is a center point of the issue at hand.

It has left many of us that firmly believe in the power of a union to fight tooth and nail to show others the value we as a whole can bring to the conversation.

But at the end of the day, our leaders hold the cards for true change in membership and involvement if they would only realize the strength their voice could give to many nationwide.

As long as I hold the title of Rural Carrier, I will advocate for individuals to be members of the NRLCA and be actively involved with their local, state, and national level.

Because at the end of the day that is where we as individuals have the power to come together to create real change when the national level fails to see or act upon the situation as it relates to the local level.

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You Are Not Alone.

Your Voice Matters.

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