The redcoats are coming

We are supposed to get them too. I'm in what used to be mid america district, not sure if that's still the district name or not since everything was consolidated a while back. We received a quick training session on the metris last week. I am not impressed at all. Too many negatives compared to the positives. We currently have llvs and the metris will make the job harder.

No access to the rear from the front, no space between the seat and the mail tray, no spot for dps tray, doesn't turn well enough for cul-de-sac deliveries, new tires every 4k, 91 octane gas, the auto stop auto shut off has to be turned off every time you start the vehicle or the thing will shut off when you stop at a mailbox, the door isn't sliding so I am 100% sure people will be opening the door into mailboxes, cant stand up in cargo area, no mirror on the front, slick floor, only 2 small shelves in the rear, can sized cup holder molded in the dash/in the sun and the shifter is not a great design, it looks like its easy to break or easy to accidentally hit.

The positives-air conditioning, power windows, radio with bluetooth capability, usb power to charge your phone and auto turn off if the door is opened so it should not be possible to roll away/run away.

They said they will be taking all rural llvs here and replacing them with the metris and giving llvs to city routes, scap or sell the bad llvs. I am afraid that once the new vehicles (ngdv) are deployed we will not receive them because we are getting the metris. It is so stupid that they would give us vehicles we cant stand up in or turn sharp enough to deliver in a cul-de-sac. I don't know why they would replace a vehicle that was purpose built to do our job with a commercial off the shelf vehicle. We aren't city carriers. I would rather wait it out with no air conditioning. Our aux carrier already has their metris, along with the old pov routes. Another positive could be that fishing poles or anything that's very long wont fit now, so more 3849 packages.
I agree with everything you said.Metris wears out right front tire about every 3500 miles it's crazy.Very awkward del vehicle.


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I agree with everything you said.Metris wears out right front tire about every 3500 miles it's crazy.Very awkward del vehicle.
We've had 4 different Metris vehicles in our office and every one of them has had serious, as in bald, tire wear on the outside of the front tires. All of them. All appearing under 5K miles.
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I never had a tire issue (except they suck in snow) with my Metris. It had ~7.7k on it right before I left that route. Airbag light came on right when it got back from the previous maintenance trip. That was somewhere in the 4k miles range. I got snow tires ~2500-3000 miles, those were still on as of last week and no abnormal wearing on them.

The thing has no weight, that means no traction on any surface. I had several complains from customers asking me to stop flooring it when I left their box. I didn't, just no weight = happily spinning tires. It wasn't hard to spin the rear tires on asphalt. One time I also most got stuck at the end of a driveway because a car was coming so I stopped in their gravel. :D

I get the idea of the cage, but in winter (this happened a couple times) I'd get stuck right next to a box. I couldn't go out the left side because of the mail/parcels, couldn't open the right door because the box is right there, couldn't go out the back because of the cage. I'd have to crawl out of the window to get to the sliding door to get my shovel. :'( THEN crawl back in the window to give it a go.
A local mechanic who works on some LLV's said that in the past year he's been told to get the cheapest parts possible. I'm not 100% sure how accurate his claims are (he's not my normal mechanic but his shop did a really good job fixing my jeep frame), but it does seem like the LLV's are being held together with dollar store duct tape & zip ties. I switched to higher quality parts years ago for my mail vehicles because I did notice a difference in frequency of when I replace them.

Except tires. Always ate tires because of potholes knocking things out of whack.


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Same for me. Dozens of tires a year.

The tires, which are crap, supposedly cost around $130 each
Local maintenance shows me prices for items he is allowed to buy for PO use. It puts 1k$ hammers to shame that the military buys. Ie lawn mower push mind you 1400$. so crappy overpriced tires don’t surprise me one bit.