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I can tell you first hand it is possible to do without throwing away mail. This is going to upset many on here I'm sure, but I have said it in past posts: I can finish my route between 4-6 hours and I am evaluated at 9 per day (775 boxes). I have a minimum of 150 packages per day (on the rare days I have less, I am at 4 hrs). I am very, very organized and drive a full sized pick up (so no 2nd trips, EVER). I am out of the office in 30-45 minutes everyday except Monday. I don't mark packages and I don't case my DPS. I don't finger my DPS as I know all my forwards and holds, thus take them out while on the road. I AM a runner, but at least half of my packages are for CBU's (which are 50% of route) and that is a real time saver. I have several customers that I call when they have large packages and live down nasty roads (that I will not drive down) or are more than a half mile from CBU and they meet me somewhere on the route to get the package. Most days I am able to skip dozens of mailboxes (tho this does seem to be happening less and less these days); another time saver. I do not drive like an idiot and I do not jack rabbit between boxes (it's my own vehicle, so I take care of it as much as I can). I'm not saying that I am 100% accurate 100% of the time, but I find very few mistakes (I don't know of anyone who is perfect). And I DO NOT throw away ANY mail, EVER! So just want to let you know that it is possible to do :):):cool:, tho there was a carrier in my office (now retired) that I subbed for years ago who UBBM'd a lot of deliverable mail (but he was not fast at all, just extremely lazy). So to your point: NOT delivering all mail IS another way to go faster. :cool:
You are certainly in one enviable situation to basically have all your mail ready and waiting along with accountables and parcels up when you walk in the door.


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I realized when the RCA comes under the evaluation of the route by some almost three hours; but only on Saturdays when there is very little over site/supervision you can kinda figure the RCA is playing I checked the UBBM today after Saturday.........wasn't going to but when I was doing the 3M mail I looked down into the UBBM tub from Saturday and what do you know right on top a good piece of mail from the route. After I did the route today I went though the rest of the mail.........and sure enough.......a pretty good bunch of good 3rd class mail had been tossed away from Saturday. It is great to be fast.........not so good to toss out good mail to get in early.

Please, don't think this is only a RCA problem or I am picking on RCA's.........I know a Regular Carrier that does the same thing.......this is a systemic problem and it is getting person gets by with it....tells another....then another and the beat goes ethics are eroding.


I have a suspicion that some carriers in our district are throwing away standard mail. I am a fast and accurate carrier and know how long it takes to get any route delivered depending on the volumes. I've been on routes that the regular carrier completes before noon.. a 45K with 150 to 200 some parcels. If you deliver each piece of mail there is no freaking way you can get done before 2 PM. This carrier gets done daily in the 11:30 to 1:15 range. It's downright impossible.. I suspect standard mail is either held back or is not delivered. It's the only way you can make up the time difference. Do any of you know of or suspect other carriers of doing this to stay under eval? Also.. when putting DPS up, you are supposed to check each piece of mail and I highly doubt that happens in our office. Speed is more important than accuracy so I suspect they just look at the first piece of mail and find the last piece for that address to get out to the street quicker. I just don't get these practices.. Do your job, you get paid for it even when it is not enough. It is called work ethic! I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try my very best to be as close to a 100% accuracy as possible, even if that means I am at or over eval and have to deliver junk mail to each mail box.
We have a carrier like that too. I have caught him working off the clock and management says so what we need his vehicle. He doesn't record the proper reporting time every day. His time sheet says he only works about 5 hours a day. There is no way that is possible on his route! Must be doing about 100 mph and not delivering things that he should. Plus he just got an award for no accidents when I know for a fact he has hit mail boxes etc. I was his sub and the customers told me. Must be nice to do the wrong thing and get rewarded.....oh wait! That's the postal way!!!!


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Thank you for this thread!! Everyday, I watch the clerks and management throw good mail into UBBM. I do not understand how this can be allowed. The number of businesses alone that do not get their mail is crazy. I have brought this up to the Union a couple of times and to management. I never got answers, it was like I did not even ask. I really thought I was the only one that thought this was wrong! Thank You again!


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Oh it is wrong.......UpNorth.....The mailers have prepared the mail piece for delivery .....laid out and designed the mail piece and then had it printed and paid postage and paid someone to take it to be processed.. but in most cases have brought extra product for a sale.....then some lazy employee tosses it away...........makes me ill.............I have come to the conclusion that if the Postal Service addresses this problem......then they would need to have some kind of action.......and you and I both know that isn't going to happen.....

It is in my PM's hands now.......

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I get it I really do. It can be done and accurately. We have a carrier that is on a 47K. We come in at 7. He takes automated out. He will run his apartments before they are finished throwing parcels. Usually back between 11:30/12:30. That said...he also gets a lot of phone calls for misdelivery and has had a couple accidents. Absolutely hates it if someone gets before he does. I do understand about beating evaluation, but gee whiz since you are getting paid why not do the job to the best of your ability.
This carrier is obviously not following their line of travel or 4003 or they wouldn't be able to take out the apartments before parcels are being thrown! This is not allowed now and definitely wont be allow once the RRECS pay system goes in effect. How did they get away with it during the recent digitalization thing that was just going on?
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This carrier is obviously not following their line of travel or 4003 or they wouldn't be able to take out the apartments before parcels are being thrown! This is not allowed now and definitely wont be allow once the RRECS pay system goes in effect. How did they get away with it during the resent digitalization thing that was just going on?
Takes own car to the apartments. Then comes back and by then maybe the clerks are finished throwing. Then he can do route and with the packages does it all in order with no missing miles.


I don't mark packages and I don't case my DPS. I don't finger my DPS...
This here is the honest secret. I paid attention to the Senior Regulars in my office and noticed the same trend - bare minimum put up into the case, no messing around labeling and flagging parcels - Out of the office and on the street Asap.

Other carries always jump to: "oh well, you must be fingering mail and being really unsafe.." - Nope! Fingers/hands/eyes got pretty "talented" after awhile pulling from 2-3 stacks and verifying address/name - I even got into the habit of "stair-stepping" all mail because (I forget who) someone mentioned they do it on here.

Oh and, verifying mail on the street VS the case is much better for learning a route since you visibly get to see the house, surroundings, box as you check.