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BootCowSki -- "Any way to weasel in PS FORM_3821 ? Adds 5 mins per day? RRECS how to get credit with PSFORM_3821 no scanner input under rrecs."

-- According to the 4241-M comparisons in the August 2018 edition of the national magazine:

- PS Form 3821 would get Actual time. Included in End of Shift Actual Time Average. ( probably it will become something quite different from the old 2 minutes a day ) ( doubt if manglement will have carrier's time themselves filling out the 3821 AND waiting for the Accountable Clerk to clear it at the end of the day )

-- Way back when, in a gentler, kinder post office, manglement began to cut down on 3821 usage. That's when Arrow Keys and Gas Cards were no longer considered "accountable items".

-- However, should a carrier lose an Arrow Key or Gas Card, manglement would really raise a "fuss" over such "non" accountable items.