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Something is not right here. What could they have done to get a 30 day suspension and still keep their jobs? 7, 14 but 30??? Is this just a ploy to get a long vacation that no one will question? The steward has to represent everyone in the craft or get sued if they don't.


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Per the NLRB, federal unions have the duty of disciplinary representation regardless of membership.


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They got caught using an LLV for personal reasons and the husband rode back to the po on the mail tray...yes, really. Not sure if this added into it, but they 'help' each other deliver all the time.
It wasn't something boring like using it to move their stuff was it? Because it makes a better headline if they used it as a command vehicle to search for Sasquatch or something awesome of that sort. Better defense also, temporary insanity.


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formerlyknownas -- "They got caught using an LLV for personal reasons and the husband rode back to the po on the mail tray...yes, really."

-- Certainly grounds for ELM's Section 651.4 -- Emergency Placement in Off-Duty Status - b. Fails to observe safety rules.

-- Or Article 16.4. Discharge or Crime Situation. In the case of discharge, any employee shall, be entitled to an advance written notice of the charges against the employee and shall remain on the job or on the clock at the option of the Employer for a period of thirty ( 30 ) days. There after, the employee shall remain on the rolls ( non-pay status ) until disposition of the employee's case has been had either by settlement with the Union or through exhaustion of the grievance-arbitration process.

-- Either on have any discipline in their file ( LOW, previous 7- or 13-day suspensions )?

-- Not that it matters, who caught them / turned them in? Not too much to be done if it was District Safety personnel.


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ALL Rural Carriers have the right to representation regardless of their Union status.

The only “Suspensions” are 7-day & 14-day. Those are strictly “Paper” with no loss of work & no time off. After those is Removal.
If someone needs to be removed from duty immediately while mgmt investigates, that would be Emergency Procedure (EP) & that can last as long as it takes & without pay. It also does not have to follow any previous discipline.

This actually sounds like a Notice of Removal. A Notice of Removal is sent/given to the employee & can be a pay or no-pay situation. As soon as it’s received by the employee, that starts the clock on 30 days for the actual removal to take place. The employee only has 14 days to file a Grievance on ANY discipline including EP & Removal. If an employee is NOT going to grieve the Removal, they could resign to save from being fired.