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I just wanted to tell uthay I took down my post with my amount in it because everyone's is going to be different, AND I did tax exempt form this paycheck!
Can management stop you from taking annual leave during Christmas.
I know different offices do things different. A couple years ago I put in annual leave for the whole month of Dec. I was the first to request, they approved and I took the whole month off😇😍😇😍
Was hired as an RCA from one retiring at that time. Left to further educate myself. Came back to USPS, again as an RCA, 2017-current. Holding on as an RCA as long as I's all about the $$.
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Good for you. Stay proud.
Would have rather have gotten a job in the field that I got educated in....Nuclear Engineering...but public opinion is making new nuke plants a thing of the past, just like Amazon may make USPS a thing of the past.
Well, folks - I have sure missed you during these past few years. The GOOD news is that I am finally "retired-ed". My back was shot after 33 years of driving a DJ. And no, I didn't get disability ret, I just left. Doctors said I had better, if I wanted to save what was left of my back. Looking forward to spending more time with y'all now, you are a great bunch of people! :)
I work in a small office that is overseen

by a PM in another office. I've been the RCA for approximately 2 years. The other office has a RCA who has been there approximately 12 years. For the past year, the PM has been asking that RCA to come train at this PO when I'm not available, which she has been refusing (she has never trained). RC is retiring at the end of the year, and she (RCA whose had 12 yrs) informed m
I am the owner of and soon to be owner of the USPS. When you become my employee you will know it because you will be issued an Amazon "Pee" jug to help in keeping your "work habits" efficient.