New fiscal report is out. This is what I found so far

Cliff Clavin

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The do nothings in this machine is the problem! It;s causing all the will doers to do more that is out of the scope of what use to be a regular scheduled normal job to be ready to come back to office multiple times for mismanaged plants and trucking schedules that were caused by the stupidity of closing plants and distribution centers at the time we ready needed them and was the reason for lowering time delivery standards from local next day to whenever the plant gets around to it and then wants us carriers to be the stupidity equalizer of all these ignorant management scams! Management says to us, don't do as I manage or do but do as I say and make me look good to get a bonus off this fake performance scheme while the drums of bankruptcy play in the background! It doesn't take a super smart person to see thru the fog of management that this is a shell game that is propped up by all the doers until the load gets to burdensome to carry the non-doers, bureaucrats and then what? By the way this is the same non-doers that are divising our new wage system that is to pay us more? or Less to keep the non-doers fed?
Come on now, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel!😊