Why has our Union abandoned the Amazon and Last Mile Rurals?


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RDruckus et al -- "I wonder if Senators or Representatives would be interested in these pictures. They don't seem to be raising any eyebrows at Duke Street."

-- One has to assume that Duke Street personnel have actually seen such photos.

-- One possible answer: the people in the mail room have been instructed to destroy any pictures taken in a post office so as not to be in violation of any postal policy.

-- Also senators or representatives might be able to recognize the parcels but without seeing the inside of a ( small ) post office, have no idea of the amount of space actually taken up by all the parcels. ( not to mention being in violation of safety and or fire rules )


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mwellis32 et al -- "Not only have abandon us but have kicked us under the BUS! "

-- Probably "under an LLV" would be more job appropriate.


Mgmt thinks we have been paid for time we didnt work over the years so whats the big deal? If mgmt worked on an evaluated system they would be finished by 9:30 every morning because we all know they do a couple of hours of work per day max, that is if you call talking on the phone work. I suppose one could develop an ear ache or a dry throat. I propose mandatory cross training to give other crafts an opportunity to do a rural rt. And give us rurals an opportunity to run a city rt. Put everyone on an evaluated system and allow the cream to rise to the top. Assuredly rural carriers would gain much appreciation from mgmt and the other crafts. Even during the onslaught I see very little change of pace on the city side. We have all heard the be fast wont last statement. Our motto must be go like hell or miss dispatch. Help isnt coming folks, not from mgmt, the PMG, and definitely not our union. And as stated, not all offices are hammered so its really not an issue. Really no different than our holiday period that begins 3 weeks after the pkg onslaught and end 3 weeks before the pkgs let up slightly. No worries though, mail is light for maybe another week or two at the most.


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I propose we give Amazon-pay-rate service. If we get paid $0.69 to deliver a smirk package, it should get $0.69-worth of service: leave it at the end of driveways. Saw a medium-size PO package yesterday. The postage was $44, or thereabouts. Now that should get front-door service. Amazon, end of driveways, end of walkways, not to the front door!


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The longer this goes on, the more it seems to be more normal. Maybe that's the Master plan that Management and the Union are counting on. Let's see, It has been 4, 5, 6 years now with amazon? Just a few more and maybe no one will remember the pre- Amazon era!



Not mine, but somewhat representative of mine. The suburban routes are getting multiple doubly stacked/overflowing (safely? Not likely) Wiretainers, with smalls in an overflowing yard-waste receptacle, with the most egregious and absurd packages on the floor and maybe if they like you, at your case.

The situation has and remains stupid. “District” refuses/denies help, because of “office time”. In reality, it’s our psycho poom. But that is irrelevant.

Meanwhile, the union is frozen with fear, quivering in their booties, because the new PMG will have his way with them. They know it. Congress or not.

We have one mid-career carrier that has broken the 500 scan threshold twice since this started. Today they were starting a third trip after already working 3 hours over evaluation.
Safety hazard? Where is our union?